28 Days of Intention and Affirmation

Beginning February 1st, I will be posting 28 days of intentions/affirmations, one each day. You can find these on the Muskoka Hot Yoga Instagram , Facebook pages as well will be posted daily on this website.

There are several ways you can use these daily blurps to assist with staying on your high flying disc, feeling powerful, centred and full of eager expectation that all well.

5 Ways to Use daily –

  1. In your own hand writing, write out the daily intention 10 times. Feel the energy of what you are writing. There is power in taking pen to paper.
  2. Read out loud your written affirmations. The key is to feel it, otherwise they are just meaningless words.
  3. Sent a reminder on your phone every hour to read and absorb the energy of the words into you being.
  4. Make a list of all 28 days of intentions/affirmations and read before bed at nite, and/or in the morning upon waking, to set the tone for your morning routine.
  5. Record all 28 days of intentions, on your phone, in your own voice, and listen while you are driving to infuse the good feeling vibes into your energetic field.

It is my intention you use these intentions/affirmations daily and on a regular basis to assist you with staying in a high vibrational frequency so you may attract the best 2019 has to offer.

Blessing to You,


Trinity O’Brien