A Deep Dive for Your Senses – Workshop

You are invited to spend a day exploring, healing and connecting with your body, mind and soul. Trinity will lead You through a day of discovery, and awaken senses you may have long forgotten about. Steve Spooner is a special guest, that is sure to delight you. You will feel refreshed and relaxed by the end of our time together. Laughter and connection will be abundant.

Trinity will lead you through a workshop on 7 Universal Laws. You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction, however there are others that play a huge role in creating the life you desire. Learning and applying these laws will go a long way to assisting you to not only create the life you desire, but let you do so from a state of joy, happiness and calm.

Steve will lead The Shamanic Way IN – Thru shamanic methods, You will get to enrich your ability to talk with your body, to learn methods of release and refill that tie into the emotional body and its’ links to the organs. Everyone will get worked on.

We will share a gentle yoga class together, meditation, and sound healing with the crystal singing bowls.

A light lunch will be served.

About Steve:
Steve Spooner has been sharing these techniques of healing and well-being for 18 years. His easygoing humorous style and Shamanic background allows for quick growth and easy integration of knowledge and techniques.

He facilitates increased connections on all levels for people. Some call him a Stargate, a portal , a shaman, a channel, a healing bodyworker. He lives to create Heart Expansive experiences that enable, encourage and support people in healing so they can Live pain free and in big Joy.
Often called the healers healer, his private session work is profound and exhilarating. Steve’s workshops and retreats are Festivals of Love, deposits in the Bank of Joy!

About Trinity:
Trinity O’Brien has been guiding others in to a new way of being for over 15 years thru one on one sessions and group work. She is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, studio owner, and LOA coach. Trinity is an IAKP Kambo practitioner and energy healer. She has recently developed a love of playing the crystal singing bowls to add to her tool box of modalities to aid healing of body, mind and soul. It is her intent you step fully into your greatness, your strength and vulnerability

What to bring: water, yoga mat, pen, journal, pillow, blanket, crystals, and anything else you may need to be comfortable.

Please pay in studio or bank transfer $127 before October 15th to reserve your spot info@muskokahotyoga.com
Early Bird fee of $97 before October 6th.

Please preregister for this event. Space is limited.

We look forward to your energy and presence at this event.

Trinity O’Brien