A Time of Change

We survived the mega eclipse season! It was not without it’s many ups and downs, heartbreaks, disturbances, and surprises for many of us. It has been a time of truth, and authenticity. Many of us are shifting on levels we never saw coming. What was once important, is no longer so. And things we never gave a thought to, have become our passion.

It is a time to not settle in relationships and cling to someone because we don’t want to be alone. We deserve better. Don’t settle for less, for temporary satisfaction. This is a time of truth and on the path forward we are best to arrive with an open heart as we seek more conscious relations. This applies to all relationships, – business, friends, lovers, and everything in between.

It is a time to honour ourselves, and our needs. We desire deeper intellectual, and heart based connections. There is long term benefit in creating something solid, and nurturing, based on trust, friendship, fun and love. This can mean letting some connections go. This can be a painful road.

Too often we settle because we see the best in others. I am guilty of this. Instead of looking at what is in front of us, we base our decisions on the past. Are we the only ones putting in effort? Are we settling for less than we deserve or ignoring our needs?

Sometimes it is best to end connections all together. Other times, the relationship can morph in to something other than it once was, yet still be maintained in a new way of interacting. Only you know what is right for you.

We are changing at the very core of our being. Our DNA is shifting, as we allow in more light, and move into higher frequencies. Unless those we are deeply connected to also move up in frequency, the distance between each will grow. The reality is the relationships will end. It is part of the growth, and ascension. Release with love, with gratitude for what once was and the memories gained.

Love never dies, it can however shift in how that love is shared. Remember all is well. You are your first and most important love. Without self love, and clearing out your own baggage, stories and traumas, you will always dump your unresolved issues into relationships. Doing the work can be exhausting, painful, frightening and freeing. Always worth the efforts made.

It is the only way to draw in others, who like you, see the value in becoming a clear vessel to be of service from a place of deep respect, gratitude and honouring of one another. You are worthy of this, and so much more.

Bring on the cooler temps, changing of the leaves, and clear starry nites. The energy is shifting. Can’t You feel it? Something big is afoot! What though? In perfect timing, all will be revealed…..trust the magic of the process, with no attachment to the outcome. From this place, bliss is found.

Trinity O’Brien
Muskoka Hot Yoga
Energy Healer
IAKP Practitioner


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