Benefits of Omega 3

There are several benefits to taking a good quality Omega 3 supplement –

* Heart disease – The risk of heart disease goes down significantly with Omega 3 since it helps in lowering LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, and increases levels of HDL, the good cholesterol. Omega 3 lowers the amount of triglycerides and prevents their accumulation as well.

* Cancer – Omega 3 is known for lessening the chance of cancer, can curb the growth of tumors, and boost longevity.

* Immunity –Strengthens your immune system overall

* Improved circulation – Omega 3 also boosts blood circulation in the body.

* Neurological effects – Studies are being conducted on the efficacy of Omega 3 in warding off conditions like Alzheimer’s and ADHD.

* Weight loss – Omega 3 has helped numerous women lose weight, There are several published studies that prove taking fish oil will aid in shedding the body of fat..

* Pregnancy – Pregnant women can prevent preeclampsia and premature birth and can also significantly reduce postpartum depression and helps make the fetus healthy.

* Fertility – the quality of sperm can be improved to enhance fertility and increase the chances of conception.

* For Women – Many women have found Omega 3 to be beneficial when it comes to curbing menstrual cramps and even preventing osteoporosis. Omega 3 is also known to help women with menopausal problems.

* Better vision – Omega 3 also affects vision and improves eyesight significantly.

* Reducing inflammation – Most people suffer from pain in the joints and arthritis because of inflammation. Omega 3 can significantly cut down inflammation and the pain associated with it.

* Sharper mind – Omega 3 is food for the brain. It keeps you alert, boosts mental processes, and helps you remain focused even as you age.

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