Blood Moon Full Lunar Eclipse Sound Bath with Crystal Bowls

Join Trinity on Friday, July 27th at 7:30pm for an hour of healing, release and deep restorative relaxation. Allow the sound and vibration of the crystal singing bowls to transport you to a space of deep peace.

This full lunar eclipse is a time of emotional challenges. It governs personal emotions, home , family life and personal relationships. It can trigger crisis with your self esteem, and abrupt changes in your personal relationships. If you have not done any healing of your shadow issues, this eclipse may bring it to the forefront in a full on, in your face kind of way. Thank you Mars! It is a time to keep your centre and emotions in check. Do not allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole of negative stories, and assumptions.  Often all is not as it appears. This eclipse is one of those times.

Take an hour and give yourself the gift of release, and focusing your thoughts on what you desire, giving thanks and gratitude for the situations in your life that make your heart sing. Those which have already appeared, and those you hope will.

When: Friday, July 27th

Time: 730pm – 830pm

Where: Muskoka Hot Yoga Studio

395 Centre Street North, Suite 1-9

Huntsville, Ontario

What to bring: a pillow, pen and journal, yoga mat, water, crystals, and any other items you require to get completely relaxed and comfortable for your journey with the bowls.

Exchange: $26 credit or $25 cash at door.

Please preregister for this event on line here or email: