Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation

You are invited to join Trinity Friday, July 13th at 730pm for a celebration and meditation in honour of the Cancer New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse. The actual eclipse takes place Thursday, July 12th at 10:48pm EST.

This eclipse can bring big changes in our environment, where we live, our abundance, our identity, our relationships and our personal power. A time for beginnings and for sudden endings.

This Eclipse cycle is bringing difficult situations rising to the surface, especially when it comes to our relationships with friends, family, lovers, work partnerships or in agreements. Changes can be sudden and abrupt, perhaps unpleasant, however down the road, all is for the best. Do not allow assumptions to be part of your energy.  Stay in the present moment and in high vibration. Dance, sing, do yoga, meditation, spend time in nature. Be authentic. The time of wearing a mask and being who you are not is over. It will kick you in the ass in a big way. Learn to get fully comfortable in being who you truly are.

Notice if your words and actions are in alignment. Are others? If your key relationships do not hold up to this, it may be time to make some big changes. Change can be unsettling at first however learning to value and honour You, will always trump mediocre relationships. You are worth it.

Trinity will take you thru a short guided meditation, followed by  playing the crystal singing bowls to carry the energy of your intentions and visions to realms of creation.

Please bring a journal and pen,  pillow, your crystals, yoga mat, water and anything else you made need to be comfortable and allow the experience to be a very enjoyable one.

Preregistration is required.

Investment in self $26 credit card or $25 cash

Payable in studio or online.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Trinity O’Brien

Muskoka Hot Yoga

Energy Healer

Kambo Practitioner