Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Aquarius New Moon February 2019

Join Trinity for an hour of sound healing with the crystal singing bowls. This New Moon in Aquarius marks the beginning of a new cycle. The Capricorn New Moon cycle ends and the Aquarius New Moon cycle begins. In the sign of Aquarius, friendship, brotherhood, group activities, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, humanitarian efforts, or joining a group will be a strong focus. New beginnings in any or all of these areas are possible now.

This is a time where great shifts are possible. We are still integrating the energies from January’s blood moon and lunar eclipse. We are letting go of old programming from the past that supported separation and suffering. We are now open to higher frequencies and consciousness personally and as a collective. This is a blessed moon, be easy with yourself and others during this time of deep change.

It is a time to solve problems that require thinking “outside of the box”; look ahead with a brand new, positive, and hopeful vision; brainstorm and socialize; focus on extending a friendly hand, receiving support, and expressing platonic love for those around us; give our emotions and passions a “break”, as we develop more objectivity and some detachment from past haunts; learn how something (or someone) works; revitalize ourselves through experiences that are new or simply different; reach out to people in our social circle and in our community, and recognize the value of our friendships and social networks. We must detach from destructive ways that are holding us back, both habits and in relationships.  With this potent Aquarius energy, we have the chance to make progressive changes in our lives. For some of us, circumstances will dictate we make much needed change.

When: Monday,Feb 4th

Time: 715pm – 815pm

Investment in self: $25 at door

Where: 395 Centre Street North, Huntsville, Ont . Muskoka Hot Yoga Studio

What to bring: Water, mat, journal, pen, crystals, pillow and/or anything to make your experience more comfortable.

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