Dance Dance Party Party First Ever Mississauga Event!

No Boys No Booze

Leg Warmers Optional

Where: 1101 Clarkson Road North
Unit 306
BootcampGoddess Studio

When: Thursday December 30th
Time: 6pm to 7pm
Fee: $8 Pay at door
Pre registration required
Space is limited

“The DDPP™experience captures the giddy, uninhibited spirit of those bygone slumber parties when you and your BFFs would bounce around all night to your favorite albums

Open to women between the ages of 15 and 95 who love to dance!
You can bring your IPOD and be DJ for 4 songs if you like.
Share what makes you wanna move with others who have dance in their DNA!

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What is this you may ask? It’s a kick ass dance party is what it is!! Come and dance, play, explore the beats with other women who just want to move to the music without getting groped and hit on at a bar! It’s like dancing in your living room only it’s more fun with a group of women just like you!

See u there!

Sandra O’Brien
Nuskin Anti Aging at its best