Full Leo Moon/Lunar Eclipse Sound Healing

Trinity will lead you thru a sound healing using crystal singing bowls.  The crystal vibrations and sounds are known to remove blocked energy, and provide healing at a cellular level in the body, as well as calm the mind and body. An hour of bliss on many levels.

This lunar eclipse is huge energetically. It is the last eclipse in the series which began February 2017. Think of all you have experienced since then. The Challenges, struggles, and clarity will all play a key role at this time. It is a chance to do a final wrap of, and letting go for good. It is a time to look inwards to what is not working, and shift negative thoughts and beliefs.  Put your energy and your effort where you want to see manifestation during this time as this is a powerful time of creation. This Super Blood Full Leo Moon is focusing on where we have been stuck in our lives. We may feel some stress or anxiety around these things, as they may appear not to be shifting as we had hoped. Trust things are indeed changing on a deeper level, even if they appear to be stagnant. Practice yoga, meditate or spend time in nature to assist with soothing any anxiety or heaviness. These times require you to be brave and courageous, as deep and lasting changes are occurring.  Trust everything is and will work out for your highest good. Stay calm and allow your heart to lead the way.


Focus your energy on what you want to create that sparks you soul. Beware of putting energy into relationships, jobs, events that are just shiny pennies, that take you off course, that offer nothing but quick gratification, and do nothing to feed your soul.  It is a time to know yourself well. Ensure you live from your truth in all you do. Words, actions and thoughts are to be inline with who you are at all times. You do not need to make anyone happy other than yourself. Live from your heart.

It is a time of hope and manifestations. Watch for good fortune, success, sudden surprises and “out of the blue” events that show you are on the right path.


When: Monday, January 21st

Time: 715pm – 815pm

Where: Muskoka Hot Yoga Studio, 395 Centre st North, #1-9 Huntsville, ON

Investment in Self:  $25 at door, preregister online to reserve your spot.