Gallery Reading with Diana

Diana Guido, an empath and intuitive energy reader, has been called to share the gift of intuition that she has had since birth. Diana is able to ‘read’ people’s energy from which she is able to tune into a video reel of life events that she sees for that person. Some past, some present and some future. Diana will help you unravel some of these video clips and will often receive guidance from both her guides and yours as to messages that you are being sent.

Known for her accuracy, strong sense of humour, straight talking and huge heart, Diana’s readings are both hugely insightful and entertaining. Group readings are kept intimate, to roughly 6 people and span 2 hours,

Wednesday, November 28th  530pm – 730pm

Friday, November 30th 7pm – 9pm

Wednesday December 5th 530pm – 730pm

Monday, December 10th 715pm – 915pm

$40 per person

Preregistration required.