Hot Yogi of the Month May 2017

Muskoka Hot Yoga and its amazing instructors have been a real gift. Last August I found myself back in Huntsville after being away for six years, and I had just begun a new chapter in my life. I’d done yoga off Hot Yogi of the Month May 2017and on over many years, but I had never found the right fit with a studio. The very first time I attended a class with Sandra I knew I had found that place and that person I would be able to build a practice with.

I started out attending only the zen classes and quickly built up the stamina and determination to go for the power flow! The level of fitness I’ve achieved was obvious when I recently did a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon (with some fellow hot yogis)! My cardio, stamina, and the ability to exercise in the heat were evident. I can honestly say I’ve never felt as fit as I do now.

More importantly than my physical well being has been the emotional and, dare I say, spiritual well-being I have found since committing to hot yoga. It really is my new happy place. The sense of community, support, and all around nurturing of the soul I always feel at Muskoka Hot Yoga has been life changing for me. My gratitude is huge for finding such a great place and great people at such a crucial time in my life. Thank you Sandra, Sarah and Trisha!

Kerry Roodvoets

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