Hot Yogi of the Month July 2017

“Wherever you stand be the soul of that place” RUMI

I discovered Sandra’s hot yoga studio in the cold, very snowy winter of 2017.  I was working a job contract in Huntsville (a beautiful town filled with amazing people!) and was very happy to find a hot yoga studio here!  Practicing hotmarnie yoga started about 10 years ago for me but it is in the past 3 that I have really made it a part of my life.  The experience at MHY covers many senses. The room is intimate with a beautiful cut log wall feature and items that Sandra has surely personally chosen to enhance positive energy, relaxation and an environment for mentally letting go and expanding oneself. The atmosphere is relaxed with meditative, calming music, essential oil infusers, hymalayan salt lamps and sometime candle light. The teachers are excellent in there guidance through different levels of yoga classes and offering hands on adjustments (which puts it over the top for me!). Most classes end with inspirational readings and cool lavender cloths being placed on your forehead.  Many times its been hard to leave after achieving such a relaxed state and I just want to stay another hour or so!

My Yoga practice has been an integral part of my personal growth and well being over many years, providing grounding, insight and physical fitness. I am VERY happy to have found the gem of Muskoka Hot Yoga with Sandra, Sarah, Trisha and Catherine and I plan to spend many more enriching hours there on my matt.


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