Hot Yogis of the Month – October 2019

Friends don’t let friends miss yoga! Melissa and Libby have been the dynamic yoga duo since beginning yoga together earlier this year. They share a bit about their journeys below –

I started hot yoga because my body was aching all the time and I felt I needed to be moving more. I work at a job where I am sitting in an office all day long and found that my body was hurting at nighttime from the sedentary days I have. When I started hot yoga I found I enjoyed it immensely, and that it has made a huge difference in how I feel, both physically and mentally. Physically I feel fantastic and mentally I feel clearer. Hot yoga has come to mean a lot to me. It means I get to move my body a few times a week in an hour of calm. It also means I get that time on my own with no distractions, and no excuses not to be kind to myself. I now find myself really looking forward to my weekly classes and feel as though I truly missed out if I don’t go. –

– Libby Hayes



I began hot yoga looking to move my body, break a sweat and ease back into the fitness world. What has happened is so much more amazing. I have gained strength and flexibility, as well as confidence. Most importantly, I have learned to appreciate my body as is. It seems so often we are striving to be something else or are working towards something we are not currently – and it is so easy to forget to love our bodies as they are. Hot yoga has helped me come to appreciate the amazing things my body can do now, even when it is not perfect. I may not be exactly what most people picture when they think of a hot yoga participant, but I most definitely am. I am proof that anyone can do it, any body is capable. I plan to continue hot yoga and am excited to see what my body and mind is capable of in that hot, sweaty room with the rest of you.

– Melissa Hill


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