How to make your dreams a reality

Happy New Year! When you look over 2010, did you accomplish many of your goals? Whether you did or not at this point is irrelevant. This is an opportunity to move forward into 2011 and decide to kick it up several degrees! Be it fitness, health, relationship, business, or, financial goals this is your year to explore uncharted territory.

Here is how you are going to do that…

1 Accept the fact you are where you are. Every choice you have made up until this very moment has lead you here. Blaming others,circumstances etc does not serve you. Own the fact you are living your current life due to your choices. And it’s all good. List 20 things you are now grateful for in your life.

  1. Be clear on what you now want. Define what the end result will be and why you want it. Write it down and read it several times per day. Don’t get caught up in the hows or the course of action right now. Know it is your right to have all you desire in life. Life is about joy,not burden and sorrow.
  2. Meditate on your desire daily. 15 mins of focused attention will shift energies and bring your desired outcome to you. The less resistance you have,the quicker it will manifest. Close your eyes and “live” your outcome. If you desire a body where you feel sultry and feminine, in and out of your clothes, see yourself strutting that body. See yourself walking into a room, wearing your most flattering outfit. See the colour, feel the fabric, what shoes are you wearing? what is the air temperature? is there music playing? how do you feel seeing all eyes are on you? Play out the scene in your mind like you are watching a movie, you are the director and star! Script it, own it, and live your dreams!! Be grateful for it, as if it has already happened.
  3. Listen to your intuition, follow hunches, say yes to possibilities you are presented with. Know the universe is conspiring on your behalf to make it happen. Take actions every day to bring your dream a reality. Enjoy the journey, it is as important as the end result.