Trinity O’Brien – Owner/Instructor

Trinity had her first yoga experience over 26 years ago, during her third pregnancy to deal with stress and pain. She immediately was drawn to the peace and tranquility experienced, and a deep connection to self.  Many years later when hot yoga was introduced, she had found her passion. It was the perfect mix of strength, cardio, stretch, breath, and relaxation. She never felt so complete, after any other type of workout. As an avid meditator, and fitness buff, hot yoga was the perfect blend of the two worlds.

After 15 years as a personal trainer, facilitating bootcamp to woman, she made the full time transition into the world of hot yoga and opened Muskoka Hot Yoga in 2014. She is passionate about providing others a safe space and support, to release stress, rediscover and invoke the power within themselves and feel balanced in body, mind and soul.  In addition, Trinity is an IAKP practitioner, at . 

Trinity is a Certified QSCA Coach, and an Energy Healer.  She is passionate about holding space to give you an opportunity to remember, cultivate and share the light inside of Yourself.


Catherine Moffat – Instructor

Committed to the wellness of the body, mind and soul, Catherine delights in helping others to free themselves of self-imposed limitations. She understands the intricate connection between the mind and body and is knowledgeable about the science and art of mindfulness. Catherine also has a counselling/ psychotherapy practice ( right beside Muskoka Hot Yoga.




Nicole Kiss – Instructor

Hello everyone! A little bit about myself…I am a Yoga Teacher and Registered Dietitian. I have been practicing yoga for the past 10 years. I have a passion for providing support and assisting people to improve their lives through physical wellness. My own journey in life has taught me that we must pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. We need to nourish ourselves, feed our souls and move our bodies to keep them strong and flexible. Yoga provides us with a medium to quiet our minds, breathe into our bodies and strengthen so we can remain calm, present, and well. I have seen the benefits that yoga has provided me with including relief from stress and anxiety and have experienced the inner peace that prevails. I want to share this with you as I believe it is a gift that everyone should have.

Join me on this journey of the discovery of yoga and learn what it can do for you.

Namasté, Nicole




Julie Barnes –  Back Up Instructor

Julie is an energetic mother of 3 boys, a school teacher, a certified fitness instructor and a Yoga teacher. She loves to share her passion for a healthy lifestyle with her students so they can explore their own spiritual, emotional and physical health both on and off their mats!