New Membership Group Launch January 11th, 2017

Announcing the launch of our new membership group…..

Muskoka Goddess – Live Simple Play More
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Here you will find a road map to live a simpler life. Improve your health. Quiet your mind. Live with intention. Commit to being the best version of You. Try easy, have fun, laugh more. Become a Muskoka Goddess, with the heart of a Warrior. The time has come to lay a new foundation. It is time to surrender to, and embrace the wholeness of all You are.

And Now I will do what is best for Me.

This is a private FaceBook group for Muskoka Goddess Members only. It is more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. Declutter your home, your mind, your body. You will be guided monthly on how to take the overwhelm and stress out of your life. It is not a quick fix, or hard core diet. It is a journey to you living the best life you can. More fun. More time. Learn how to let go of everything that doesn’t make you feel good. Learn how to honour yourself fully. Discover your true worth.

You will get a monthly meditation, and two workouts a month. One workout to strengthen your core, one full body workout. An opportunity to submit one question (any topic) a month where I will answer in the group feed to benefit all our tribe.
Our journey together will benefit you with tips to declutter your home, and your life. Learn how to have a more connected and heart centred relationship. Tips to raise your vibration to attract on purpose with intention. Tools to get crystal clear on your 15871918_1296911057040911_2230809658447798103_npriorities so you can create a life that is truly your own. Create a vision for your life. It is a journey. Learn to beat yourself up less, and create a new frame work to see yourself thru. This work at times may not be easy. You may have to let go of old programming and reboot yourself. We will take this step by step, slowly, with flow and ease, like life is meant to be.

This is one stop for living a simpler, healthier and fun life. I would be honoured if you would join us, and share your thoughts and energy often. We are more alike than we will ever be different. Connect with your fellow sisters, who like you, are on this journey of self discovery, with a healthy serving of fun, laugher and mischief along the way. Register today

**Monthly Membership $35** – auto renews every 30 days on your credit card.

**Active Muskoka Hot Yoga Monthly Members** – $25/mth paid in studio.

**3 Month Membership $90** – renews every 90 days on your credit card.

Once payment has been received you will be sent an invite to the private Facebook group where you can start your journey to a simpler, healthier lifestyle.

Cancel anytime by emailing with “Muskoka Goddess Membership” in the subject line. All sales are final.

Note: Muskoka Goddess – Live Simple – Play More launches January 11th, 2017. Your membership will activate launch date and renew 30 days after.


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