P.O.E.T Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Things I am grateful for today – Inspired by a book by Tim Sanders called,
“Today We are Rich.”  It’s a practice of acknowledging things you are grateful for.

P is for People

O is for Opportunities

E is for Experiences

T is for Things

 Today, Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

P –  Men, yes I am grateful for men. Not one in particular, just men in general.  During times when a relationship is so far down on my list of wants, it doesn’t even make the list, like now, it rains men.  It gives me an entire new respect for the song, “It’s raining men.” It is nice to be appreciated, desired, respected, and even adored. It is an opportunity to learn the art of being open to receive.

O –  Grateful for daily opportunities to listen to Abraham-Hicks audios/videos.  So much insight in short audios that keep me on track, and focused.

E –  Grateful for the experience of making a decision today. No longer will I allow others moods and reactions to life events derail me. I will show up as who I am, with love and expecting others to show up as an A. If and when,another reacts other than I perceive as loving or supportive or I am met with anger, I will understand they are doing the best they can do in that moment, based on their current view of life. I will continue down my path without hanging on to hurt, sadness or feelings of betrayal the situation may bring up for me. I  will acknowledge the feelings, and let them flow thru me, witnessing, not judging.

T –  ITunes radio, so many options of wonderful and inspiring music. Depending on my mood and energy, I can pick music that allows me to shift into a higher energy, and have a spontaneous dance party at any time!