What is the PH balance of your water?

Not only is it important to drink a litre of water for every 30 to 50lbs of body weight per day, but that water needs to be alkaline to get the most health benefits from it. So to satisfy my need to know the PH balance of some popular waters, I turned lab rat, got out my PH strips and started testing. Ya I know I have to get a social life!

Evian natural mineral water 8.1 alkaline
Vittel 8 alkaline
Volvic 7.07 alkaline
Fiji water 7.5 alkaline
Dasani 7.2 alkaline
SEI Drink water 6.5 acid
(This plastic bottle looks like a small vodka/gin bottle..good marketing 🙂
SanBenedetto Carbonalted Spring water 6.5 acid
Aqafina 6 acid
Pellegrino sparkling water 5.5 acid
Perrier 5 acid
San Pellegrino (spring water) 4.5 acid

Any reading higher than a 7 is alkaline, less then 7 is acidic. Adding lemon or lime to the water will increase the alkalinity of the body. The best way to increase alkalinity is to add one or two teaspoons of organic baking soda to a quart of water, do not use Cow brand. It is high in sodium and contains gluten.

For more info read “The Ultimate pH Solution” by Michelle Schoffro Cook.