Pisces Full Moon Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Join Trinity on Monday, August 27th at 7:30pm for an hour of healing, release and deep restorative relaxation. Allow the sound and vibration of the crystal singing bowls to transport you to a space of deep peace and healing at a quantum level.

This Pisces full moon is intense. It is full of wonder. Let go of how you think events and people will show up, and be completely open and full of gratitude for all which appears. It is a time of magic. Take your thoughts, intension and create your own magic. Believe. It is time. Let go of all you thought you desired in relationships, work, life. It is a time of new paths opening and change. All is possible now. A time to put down your fears, doubt and anxiety and replace them with a new version of who you wish to be. A time to fully embrace the knowing that the  Universe is always supporting us. Trust and surrender are key.


It is a time to let go of all relationships that are not in alignment with where you want to go.  Are you putting in more that you are getting back? And it’s been this way for longer than it needs to be? Trust once you close doors, new ones will open. More loving, supportive doors. Doors in alignment with your true path.;

As the full moon wanes, its energy will remain. And all for good reason. The effort we put into our goals in the light of the Pisces full moon while the sun is in Virgo can have everlasting affects. According to Astrology King, “Full moon August 2018 brings exciting opportunities for success that can increase your wealth and bring a greater sense of security and stability.”

Take an hour and give yourself the gift of release, and focusing your thoughts on what you desire. Take the time to prepave your desired outcome, and release all attachment to it. Always ending, “Bring me this, or something better.”  Finish your your prepaving session with a thankful heart full of gratitude.

When: Monday, August 27th

Time: 730pm – 830pm

Where: Muskoka Hot Yoga Studio

395 Centre Street North, Suite 1-9

Huntsville, Ontario

What to bring: a pillow, pen and journal, yoga mat, water, crystals, and any other items you require to get completely relaxed and comfortable for your journey with the bowls.

Exchange: $26 credit or $25 cash at door.

Please preregister for this event on line here or email: info@muskokahotyoga.com

Register Here

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