Taurus New Moon Sacred Cacao and Sound Healing Ceremony

Join Trinity in sharing of a sacred Cacao ceremony in combination with the crystal bowls to open your heart chakra to a new level.

Cacao has been used medicinally and spiritually for almost 3000 years. Cacao is a plant native to Central and South America that has been used historically by the Aztecs and Mayans for medicinal and ritualistic purposes. Its scientific name Theobroma cacao actually means “food for the Gods” and it was believed to have been sent from the heavens as a gift to mankind. The Cacao used for this ceremony is direct from Peru, and is a pure and clean source, no mixers or fillers.

Cacao can connect you to your self and others at a deeper level, enhance your meditation and sense of peace during the crystal bowl experience. It enhance creativity, and is healing. Used in combination with the sounds and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, all benefits will be amplified significantly.

New Moons provide opportunity. Because Taurus rules the things we value most  you may see shifts in your life that will make your desires more realistic. You may not fully understand why doors are opening and closing, yet know it is all for your highest good going forward.

Because Taurus is also known to be stubborn and resist change, this new moon will ask you to reconsider your values. Are you fulfilled with your relationships, your work and the things you value most? What needs to be revamped in my life to bring more peace and joy? It’s a time to roll up your sleeves and work your magic to call in what you desire.

Taurus is also known for comfort and luxury, you may see the new moon stir in some ease into your life. You may accept new opportunities in love and/or work, receive unexpected cash or simply feel in need of more down time with friends, family or alone time. Honour this time fully so the Universe may provide you with more of it.

Steve Spooner, a local Shaman, will be joining us to provide a deeper cleansing, release of energies and journeying  thru shamanic practices.  If you have never experience shamanic work before, this will be an extra treat!

We will share in a cacao circle, a group meditation, then settle into a deeper experience with the bowls. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, journal, pen, water, crystals and anything else you require to experience a beautiful journey.

Preregistration is required here: www.muskokahotyoga.com/schedule
$25 at door cash.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful and sacred event with you.

Love and blessings,
Trinity O’Brien
Muskoka Hot Yoga
Kambo Muskoka
Energy Healer