Third Eye Chakra

The sixth of the seven chakras, the Third Eye is also called the brow chakra.  It governs our intellectual and intuitive abilities and our potential for spiritual awareness.

Signs of a balanced Third Eye Chakra –  Someone with a clear, balanced, and developed brow chakra usually has a keen intellect balanced with strong intuitive abilities. This might be summed up as “wisdom.” They often have a good imagination and can visualize things easily. A strong sixth chakra often confers the ability to “grasp the big picture. When the sixth chakra is highly developed, a person will have expanded spiritual awareness and insight, and may be able to perceive and influence non-ordinary planes. Words that might be used to describe a person with a strong, healthy, balanced, clear third eye chakra would include intelligent, intuitive, clear, wise, insightful, and spiritually aware.


Ways to balance your third eye chakra – 

  • Say affirmations –
  • “My mind is clear and agile.”
  • “I envision and create beauty and goodness.”
  • “My imagination is vivid and powerful.”
  • “I am open to the wisdom within me.”
  • “I am open to greater and greater spiritual awareness.”
  • Sing, hum, laugh, kiss, deep breathing
  • Star gaze
  • Keep an dream journal
  • Meditate on a daily basis

Colour – Indigo

Sound – Note is “A”.  852 Hz.

Sacred Healing Sound: SHAM

Poses to balance and open –  Down Dog, Thunderbolt, Head to knee pose, forward fold, Dolphin pose, Childs pose

Essential oils to assist opening – 

Next week we will focus on the Crown Chakra….