Virgo SuperMoon Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls

You are invited to join Trinity for a healing and relaxing session with the crystal singing bowls.

This time highlights opportunities for change, romance and success.

This moon is shining light where we may have been putting people on a pedestal or seeing what we wanted to see in relationships. It is time to take off your rose coloured glasses and see things for the truth.

Emotions and instincts run higher at a full moon. Use this increased connection to your emotions and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges.  The moon will shine light on areas where there is negative feelings or disharmony in relationships. You may make emotional adjustments in response to your new goals.

This moon will bring much truth to the surface in many areas of our lives. You are encouraged to view without judgements, and thru the eyes of compassion.

Virgo calls us to take care of ourselves. Eat well, exercise, getting plenty of sleep, take down time to nurture your body, mind and soul. Take time to know what your values and personal truths are. What are you bringing to the table in life? How are you sharing these gifts with the world. Know you are supported by the Universe, and add value to our beautiful planet.

What to bring: yoga mat, water, journal, pen, crystals, pillow and/or anything you need to be comfortable.

When: Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Time: 715pm – 815pm

Where: Muskoka Hot Yoga Studio, 395 Centre Street North, Huntsville

Investment in self: $25

Please preregister online and pay at the door.

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