40 Days to Personal Revolution September 2019

Fear of intimacy, of love, of being 100% authentic – the struggle is real. It takes courage, trust and even a big dash of throwing up your hands and saying, “If I am going to have the experience, I may as well play all in and let the chips fall where they may, and I will respect my truth along the way. Those who resonate will stick around, and those who don’t, won’t. And that is all more than ok.”

Live from your heart. Know what you value at a core level, so your life can reflect your deepest desires, and choices you make come from this place of truth within.

Discover all this and more in 40 Days to Personal Revolution beginning September 16th. What does that look like? You practise yoga for 40 days, in studio or at home. You attend weekly meetings Monday’s at 7pm for 5 weeks where you break down, and rebuild your view of self and the world. Are you ready for deep transformation to live life in your truth? The time is now.

Register online www.muskokahotyoga.com/schedule

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