An Opportunity To Give

One of our long time campers is asking for your help…..

Just a head’s up… my friend Lianne and her swim team will be doing a charity drive again to prepare  toiletry bags for a group of women’s shelters around Christmas time.

She is looking for unused “girlie things like bath stuff, soaps, make up, perfume, make-up bags etc” to assemble into care packages for the women at the shelters.  The idea is that most of us have this stuff lying around in our bathroom cupboards and it is a great opportunity to clean them out! You know, things we get for Christmas, birthdays etc that we never get around to using, or we don’t like the scent or something.
This is an early head’s up so you can keep it in mind going forward.  I am happy to collect whatever you have whenever you have it so when you do your fall clean out (which of course we all do) you can bring in at anytime and I will store it until the holiday season!
Thank you in advance and please feel free to forward to anyone you would like!

If you would like to donate please contact me at