P.O.E.T Wednesday, October 16th 2013

Things I am grateful for today – Inspired by a book by Tim Sanders called,
“Today We are Rich.”  It’s a practice of acknowledging things you are grateful for.

P is for People

O is for Opportunities

E is for Experiences

T is for Things

 Today, Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

P –  Grateful the the old man in Organic Garage, who randomly told me I have “kind eyes.”  How sweet is that?

O – Grateful for the opportunity to hit my mat in the hot room every day. An opportunity to hit the reset button and focus on what is about to be created.

E –  Today I had an amazing meditation. The energy felt and swirling  mass of purple and white was more outstanding than an average day. Few things I love more, than an outstanding connection during meditation.

T –   Turkey soup made with leftovers….Mmmmmm!